Who is Gerardo Serrano?

Gerardo Serrano has been in the liberty fight for most of his life. An avid firearms enthusiast, he is keenly aware of the creeping infringements usurping our 2nd Amendment freedoms.

Without our 2nd Amendment rights, how will we protect our other rights?

Then, on a trip to visit family, Serrano’s truck was seized at the border over 5 bullets. No gun. No way to use the bullets. Just bullets. Here’s the story:

Gerardo Serrano is a widower with two sons. He raised his oldest son by himself from the time the boy was seven years old. Although Gerardo’s second son was born out of wedlock, Gerardo took full responsibility. Mother and son moved to Poland where Gerardo visited often. Gerardo is very proud of both of his sons.

In the late 90s, after several years visiting friends in KY, Gerardo sold his house in Frankfort, Illinois and moved full time to the Commonwealth.

He took care of his mother for 15 years without any State help. She had dementia, paralysis and was blind, passing away in 2012.

Gerardo lives on his small farm in Jackson County where he enjoyed a quiet life. Right up to 2014…

In October 2014, Gerardo decided to visit his mom’s sister in Mexico. This is when Border Patrol confiscated Gerardo’s truck over the 5 bullets.

Gerardo’s case is now pending before the United States Supreme Court to stop Border Patrol agents from stealing property without charging people with a crime. This legal theft is called “Civil Asset Forfeiture” (CAF) and has been allowed since the Patriot Act which turned our rights upside down.

It’s time to take back our rights. Starting with the 5th District of Kentucky!