When our current Congressman voted YES to give $500 Million to Planned Parenthood in 2018, was that in support of YOUR principles or in support of HIS?

“What is more important to these Republicans? Saving lives or spending money?” — Rand Paul (This $500M was in the in the Omnibus Bill and everyone knew it was in there. Senator Paul and Congressman Massie voted against.)

After FORTY YEARS of the same broken “leadership”, we hardworking TAXPAYERS of Kentucky’s 5th District have retained the title of one of the poorest Districts in AMERICA.

“The 5th Congressional District had by far the highest poverty rate — 29.1 percent. The district is annually ranked among the poorest congressional districts in the country.” — Richmond Register, 2018

When he allowed KY to BORROW $5 Million to change the name of the Daniel Boone Parkway to his own name, was that for us or was that for him? Because our children — yours and mine — are paying for this extravagance.

Former governor Paul E. Patton, to thank [our congressman] for removing the tolls on the highway, renamed the Daniel Boone Parkway to the Hal Rogers Parkway. This stirred a lot of controversy among Kentucky residents and descendants of Daniel Boone who were offended that the famous pioneer, who helped settle Kentucky, was renamed for a sitting congressman whose main accomplishment was getting the tolls lifted off of the parkway.” — Wikipedia

When he decided to BORROW $5 Million PER YEAR to send to Africa for a “save the cheetah” foundation where his daughter worked, was that for us or for him?

“But some of Rogers’ spending raises questions that go beyond mere waste. Last year, he pushed through a $5 million earmark for wild cheetah conservation. Are there wild cheetahs in Kentucky? No, but his daughter works for a nonprofit called the Cheetah Conservation Fund.” — Washington Monthly

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